AH Francis 3D Lashes are the world's leading brand of Eyelash Extensions, worn by celebrities.  AH Francis Lashes are state of the art semi-permanent synthetic  eyelash extensions. Whether for a special occasion or you just wish to treat yourself, these stunning lashes are the perfect way to achieve an instant shot of glamour.                                                            AH Francis Lashes are an effective and cost effective way to give you the eyelashes you have always dreamed of...

By attaching a replica eyelash to each of your own, they not only lengthen your eyelashes but they add volume and thickness, giving you gorgeous, lushious lashes without the hassle of using mascara!!       We also offer mink lashes. These are a thinner style of eyelash, giving you a beautifully natural look with an ultra light weight feel.


With no damage to your natural lashes, AH Francis Lashes are extremely easy to maintain, allowing you to get on with your daily lifestyle as usual. As a few of your natural eyelashes drop out every six to eight weeks we recommend returning to us for top-ups every few weeks. This keeps your lashes looking full and glamorous.                                                                                                                                         For further information about this luxurious and much-loved treatment please visit the official website www.ahfrancis.com

AH Francis Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Full Set                    £75.00

Infill                          £35.00

Full Set (Mink)        £85.00

Infill (Mink)              £40.00