Here at Tantalise we house top of the range 'lay-down' and vertical sunbeds, for that year round tan we all desire.

Our sunbeds are re-tubed regularly to enable maximum tanning results at competitive prices. We offer a pay-as-you go system as well as great offers on courses of sunbeds, depending on what suits you. We also stock a wide range of tan enhancing creams, which are designed to prolong and deepen your tan.

How does it work? Tanning works the same way indoors and outdoors. Ultra violet light penetrates the skin, increasing the production of melanin (the tanning pigment). UVA rays are sometimes called the tanning rays and UVB the burning rays. Indoor tanning processes are filtered, emitting more UVA and much less UVB than the sun, making it a much preferred option for many people.

Despite the bad press, sunbeds have many clinically proven benefits as they enable the production of Vitimin D which is essential for good health. For further information about this please visit The Sunbed Association's official website